Green Rhino

R 35.00
  • Green Rhino-Greeting Card-Tony Pinchuck-Tony Pinchuck

Green Rhino

R 35.00


Vintage Green Rhinoceros print jazzed up and strikingly set against a white background.

• Cutting edge digital printing
• Image wraps around back and front of card
• Blank inside
• Printed on 300 gram art card with a silky finish
• Packaged in cellophane with white envelope

Rhino Fun Facts
The Green Rhino card actually depicts a Black Rhino, which confusingly is neither green nor black in colour. Black Rhinos are more accurately known as hook-lipped rhinos, a feature that distinguishes them from so-called White Rhinos which aren't white, but have have square lips. Square-lipped rhinos were referred to in German as weid, which became corrupted in English to "white".