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  • Fennec-Greeting Card-Tony Pinchuck-Tony Pinchuck


R 35.00


Vintage Fennec print jazzed up with vibrant green and terra cotta colour scheme strikingly set against a white background.

• Cutting edge digital printing
• Image wraps around back and front of card
• Blank inside
• Printed on 300 gram art card with a silky finish
• Packaged in cellophane with white envelope

Fennec Fun Facts
The cute fennec is the smallest fox in the world. Relative to its diminutive size its ears are huge. Fennecs are found in desert areas of North Africa, including the Sahara to which they are well adapted, sleeping during the day and becoming active in the cooler evenings when they forage for plants and hunt for whatever they can find, including rodents, eggs, insects and reptiles. Their thick hair keeps them warm during icy desert nights and fur on the soles of their feet protects them from hot desert sand. Social animals, they live in small communities of up to ten individuals.