Honey Badger

R 35.00
  • Honey Badger-Greeting Card-Tony Pinchuck-Tony Pinchuck

Honey Badger

R 35.00


Vintage Honey Badger print jazzed up with vibrant green and yellow colour scheme strikingly set against a white background.

• Cutting edge digital printing
• Image wraps around back and front of card
• Blank inside
• Printed on 300 gram art card with a silky finish
• Packaged in cellophane with white envelope

Honey Badger Fun Facts
Africa's Honey Badger  is related to the European badger. Honey badgers can be extremely fierce when cornered. Omnivorous foragers, they have a great fondness for tearing open bee hives to get at the sweet honey inside. So it's fortunate for them that their thick, loose hide makes them impervious to bee stings.